The 5 Most Instagram-able Spots in Portland

Lush and beautiful, Portland is known for its stunning landscapes, killer food scene, and residents with a penchant for the weird. The vibrant city offers adventures of all varieties, from striking architecture to quirky landmarks and everything in between. Here’s a list of the Rose City’s most Insta-worthy destinations.

1. St. John’s Bridge/Cathedral Park


the St. John’s Bridge connects the St. John’s neighborhood to North Portland. The city’s tallest bridge, its architecture is marked by towering steel arches aged to a charming sea green color. Arguably, the better backdrop sits just below the bridge in Cathedral Park, where another series of Gothic arches supports the bridge.

2. World’s Smallest Park/Mill Ends Park


No, it’s not a joke — this adorable landscape is officially the world’s smallest park. Just two feet in diameter, the tiny Mill Ends Park sits on the median of Natio Parkway near SW Taylor Street. The site has been listed in the city’s official park registry since 1976.

3. Keep Portland Weird mural

Though Austin may have claimed the phrase first, Portlanders have most eagerly embodied the sentiment (arguably). The mural sits along W Burnside Street at 3rd Avenue, painted on the back of the live performance venue, Dante’s Inferno.


4. Old Town Portland sign

The White Stag sign greets passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists crossing the Burnside Bridge from the east side of town. Originally a sign for White Satin Sugar, the structure has been through many iterations, and now is a designated historic landmark. During the holidays, the stag’s nose is illuminated in red to ring in the season.



5. Pittock Mansion

Adventurous visitors can hike to Pittock Mansion by following the Wildwood Trail; those with less time or ambition can drive to the historic structure. Book a tour of the mansion’s interior for a small fee, or take in the city vista free of charge. On a clear day, Mt. Hood will make an appearance in the distance.


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